The future of aviation training

The Future of Aviation Training

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Optimize your training

Paladin AI creates data-driven tools for optimizing training delivery at your center. We work with flight simulator OEMs, airlines, and training centers to help accelerate training, while reducing costs. We use data science to enable competency-based training with minimal disruption to training center operations and using your existing training media.


Facing the pilot shortage

Air travel is set to double in the next 20 years. The pressure to produce more pilots will mean younger and less experienced crews.


Competency-Based Training

With regulations shifting towards a competency-based paradigm, is your training organization compliance-ready? Paladin AI makes the transition easier than you think.


Artificial Intelligence

We use cloud-based machine learning and artificial intelligence to dynamically learn the patterns of behavior indicative of pilot competence.

How fast will your organization move without the need for remedial training?


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