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Adaptive Training

Paladin AI has developed the InstructIQ™ dashboard for real-time adaptive training.

The future of training is data-driven. Don’t rely on subjective measures. Counting hours isn’t the same as acquiring proficiency.

Go from novice to expert faster than you thought possible.

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  • Live & debrief analytics

  • Competency metrics

  • Personalized training recommendation

  • Contextual data visualizations

  • Trainee histories


  • Less remedial training

  • Greater training centre throughput

  • Instructor standardization

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Data-driven competency measures


Powered by AI

Detect patterns of competency automatically


Our entire philosophy revolves around artificial intelligence. Modern aviation training systems need to be data-driven. Every session in the simulator tells a story. Now instructors can have all the tools they need at their fingertips: accessing trainee histories, seeing contextual information, reviewing past performance, and receiving personalized training recommendations.


Always on. Always ready.

By building out on the cloud, we can service any geography with low latency and high availability. All data is securely stored using bank-grade encryption in a client-centric virtual private cloud.

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Competency-based Training

In the not-too-distant future, training for competency will become the standard and training organizations will need to comply with new regulations.

Paladin AI makes the transition to competency-based training easy by working with your existing training media and lesson plans to prepare them for competency assessment.

Relieve the instructor burden of manually identifying the performance indicators of competency and let our technology do the heavy lifting.

We map trainee behaviors and performance assessment directly to an assessment of competency using our proprietary competency inference algorithms.


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