Advanced Air Mobility

News: Paladin AI partners with Varon Vehicles

Varon Vehicles to incorporate Paladin AI’s Next Generation Pilot Training Capabilities for their UAM Aircraft Fleet Operators. Read the press release.

McKinsey: Flying cab drivers wanted

Air taxis are coming. Until they can fly autonomously, this nascent industry will need many pilots.

Advanced Air Mobility

Training tomorrow's UAM operators

It has been estimated that by 2028, there were will  be a need for 60,000 new air mobility operators. New electric short-range aircraft will transform the way we travel within and between cities.

The first few generations of aircraft, at least, will require human “operators”. The training for these types of vehicles will be different from the traditional training of pilots. These machines will fly at much lower altitudes, for short distances, and with heavy reliance on automation systems.

This new mode of transportation, sometimes called urban air mobility (UAM) or advanced air mobility (AAM), will spur the development of new infrastructure, including vertiports and training centers.

Paladin AI is already preparing for this future by developing partnerships with the appropriate training device manufacturers and infrastructure companies. When training is designed for urban air mobility, it will be adaptive, data-driven, and empowered by AI.

Paladin AI possesses the industry expertise needed to implement the necessary training programs, establish training centers and implement the technology required for safe and efficient training operations.