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Paladin AI creates data-driven tools for optimizing training delivery at your center. We work with flight simulator OEMs, airlines, and training centers to help accelerate training, while reducing costs. We use data science to enable competency-based training with minimal disruption to training center operations and using your existing training media.

What is InstructIQ™?

Our core adaptive training platform, compatible with a wide range of training devices and powered by artificial intelligence.

Where can InstructIQ™ be used?

Commercial or defense, fixed wing or rotor, commercial jet or eVTOL. InstructIQ™ has broad use cases.

Objective metrics?

Using Paladin AI’s competency inference engine, objective competency-based training is finally possible.

Paladin’s Core Features

  • Maximize training ROI
  • Reduce training costs
  • Standardize instruction
  • Improved safety
  • Competency-based training

Use Cases

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    Row of aircraft at airport gates.

    This is one of the biggest challenges in our industry and the single greatest barrier to implementing competency-based training.

    Measuring competency is hard. It requires that we all agree on what competency means, and what are the behavioural and performance indicators for each competency. The ICAO Document 9995 (Manual of Evidence-Based Training) goes a long way towards defining what these are.

    Paladin AI has built up a data bank of performance indicators that goes beyond Doc 9995. We’ve built up this data bank by working closely with highly experienced flight instructors, and by carefully consulting Airman Certification Standards (ACS) and aircraft manuals.

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    Third-Party Training Organization
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    Advanced Air Mobility
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    Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
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    Recurrent training
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