Data-Driven Adaptive Training

The future of aviation training is personalized, based on evidence, focussed on competency.

About Us

Paladin AI is a venture-backed technology startup from Montreal creating the world's first data-driven pilot training platform using artificial intelligence.

Pilot training generates data

Every session in the flight simulator generates hundreds of gigabytes of data. Understanding it is the hard part. That's where our technology comes in.

By using machine learning and cognitive modeling techniques, we are able to build a profile of a trainee's strengths and weaknesses, making training more targeted and effective.

Introducing the Augmented Instructor Dashboard

Training effectiveness begins with detailed trainee metrics. How well did their performance match expert benchmarks? What areas need more attention? How best to target training?

The Augmented Dashboard integrates directly with the training device and delivers results in both real time, and in a debrief setting. Instructor can review, score, and annotate flights, then see predictions on future trainee performance.


Driven by Analytics

Our algorithms mine training data for patterns, identifying data-level competency metrics, and presenting them through intuitive interfaces to empower both the instructor and the trainee.

Designed for You

Every flight simulator and training device is different. That’s why we work with our customers to design customized data pipelines and develop a data strategy.

Team of Experts

By tapping into Paladin AI, you're connecting with a network of professionals with a broad skills pulled from industry and academia.

Built on the Cloud

The future of training is interlinked smart devices, connected in the cloud. With a cloud-first strategy, pilots and instructors have access to trainee analytics anywhere, anytime.

Personalized Dashboards

Trainee analytics and performance histories, available at the touch of a button.


De-identified training data is uploaded to the cloud over a secure connection with bank-grade encryption.

Our Team

Industry experience meets modern data science.

Adolfo Klassen
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mikhail Klassen, PhD
Founder & Chief Data Scientist

Ali Moragheb
Operations Management

Francis Amankrah
React Developer

Lev Kokotov
Full-Stack Developer

Aaron Maxwell, PhD
Data Scientist

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