Flight Schools

European Pilot Selection and Training

"We're excited to be working with Paladin AI. For years, the industry has talked about having tools of the kind that Paladin AI is building, but this is the first time that we're seeing them brought to market." -- Eric Duijkers, Managing Director, EPST

Flight Schools

Addressing the pilot shortage by training more affordably and efficiently

Pilot training is expensive, which prevents many young candidates from considering a career in aviation. For years, the industry has faced a critical pilot shortage. The Covid-19 pandemic will exacerbate the shortage when aviation recovers, as many experienced pilots retire and furloughed pilots consider other careers.

If the cost of training could be brought down, it would open the doors of opportunity to many new pilots. In order to achieve this, more training needs to be completed on simulators that was previously only done in aircraft, and some training needs to shift from full-flight simulators down to more affordable lower-level devices. Using InstructIQ™, flight schools could objectively quantify the competencies of pilots and ensure that even when training on more affordable devices, pilots are still gaining the valuable skills they need to fly safely and competently.

Another way to reduce training costs is to adopt programs like the Multi-crew Pilot License (MPL), to fast-track pilots into a participating airline. Since MPL is by law a competency-based training program, flight schools need the tools to measure and train competency. Paladin AI provides schools with the technology they need to efficiently implement MPL with low overhead and quantifiable metrics.

Advantages of InstructIQ for Flight Schools

  • Pilots and instructors can track training progress over time
  • Predictive analytics can catch weaknesses early and make appropriate interventions
  • Graduate pilots in less time, increasing throughput
  • Instructor standardization
  • Make flight training more affordable
  • Provide tools for solo training in the simulator
  • Reduce instructor burden through easier lesson planning, data gathering, automated grading, and data-driven debrief capabilities
  • Safer pilots