Third-Party Training Organization

Aviation Voice: CBTA in Training – One Step Forward Towards Safer Skies

"Both aviation training schools and airlines agree that the traditional training methods are no longer aligned with industry needs. Training courses should be designed that require the use of best educational practices with instructors being given guidance on how best to train and assess students during their training."

Third-Party Training Organization

Making training centers more competitive

Independent or third-party training organizations provide valuable training capacity to many airlines. It is essential to provide consistent, high-quality training to the client airlines that rely on them.

In order to offer competitive, affordable competency-based training as an enhancement to their offering, Paladin AI offers training organizations a hardware-agnostic software solution that will interface with their existing training devices and integrate their existing lesson plans. No need to make costly overhauls, or purchase any new courseware.

Advantages of InstructIQ for Third-Part Training Centers

  • Standardize instruction across your organization
  • Better ROI on flight training devices
  • More competitive training offering to airlines
  • Objective data around pilot performance
  • More efficient briefing and debriefing
  • Offer competency-based training programs
  • Reduce instructor burden through easier lesson planning, data gathering, automated grading, and data-driven debrief capabilities
  • Safer pilots