Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

Press Release: Paladin AI partners with TXT e-Solutions on VR/AR Training

Paladin AI and TXT e-Solutions sign MOU to develop adaptive training solutions for virtual reality and augmented reality training in aviation.

Halldale: Enhanced Pilot Training Via VR

The application of virtual reality technology for flight training is gaining momentum, and training providers are developing new tools that may provide more effective training.

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

Shift to virtual reality for lightweight procedural training

Training is moving out of the classroom and into virtual worlds. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) creates opportunities to practice essential skills while social distancing. MRO crews can practice their inspections or other techniques without needing physical access to expensive aircraft hardware. Pilots can practice their maneuvers and procedures in an immersive environment that isn’t an expensive full-flight simulator.

Paladin AI helps training organizations take advantage of these new training possibilities created by VR and AR. Through trusted suppliers, Paladin AI can help your organization explore hardware and software solutions that realize the benefits of training in VR or A.

Using InstructIQ™, connected to the VR/AR training environment, gain access to objective competency metrics so that your organization can get the most of this new training medium.

Advantages of VR/AR Training

  • Practice in a training environment on your own, or even at home
  • Learn experientially in a lifelike simulated environment
  • Much cheaper than training in a full-flight simulator
  • Gather valuable eye-tracking data
  • Available with commodity hardware