An intuitive data-driven training analytics tool that gives instructors a second set of eyes. InstructIQ analyzes flight simulator data in real time, identifies strengths and weaknesses, infers core competencies, and shows insights into the performance of each flight maneuver.

InstructIQ™ provides data-driven pilot competency analytics using artificial intelligence to make training more efficient and effective.

Implement standardized instruction across your training center without the need to make costly changes to your training media or purchase new training devices.

Get the most out of your training center investments by connecting your training devices to a cloud-based artificial intelligence.

Allow InstructIQ™ to objectively assess pilot competencies, while freeing instructors to focus on teaching and mentoring.

Reduce or eliminate remedial training through more targeted training interventions. Measure each pilot’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

Save 20% or more on annual training center costs. Improve safety and operational efficiency simultaneously.

Key Benefits

  • Objective performance and competency metrics
  • Visualize every maneuver and gain training insights
  • Personalize training without needing to create new training media
  • Reduce remedial training by intelligently targeting trainees’ weaknesses
  • Standardize instruction across your organization
  • Reduce instructor burden through easier lesson planning, data gathering, automated grading, and data-driven debrief capabilities
  • Safer pilots and airline operations

Core Features

  • Automatic activity detection via deep neural networks
  • Automatic performance norm assessment
  • Intuitive data visualizations and maneuver analytics
  • Human-in-the-loop automated grading
  • Bayesian competency inference engine
  • Trainee profiles, with competency evolution through time
  • AES-256 data encryption in transit and at rest
  • FAA / EASA regulatory compliant
  • MPL and AQP compatible
  • GDPR, CCPA, and PIPEDA compliant
  • Low-latency and scaleable infrastructure

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01.
    How do you assess competencies?

    How do you assess competencies?

    This is one of the biggest challenges in our industry and the single greatest barrier to implementing competency-based training.

    Measuring competency is hard. It requires that we all agree on what competency means, and what are the behavioural and performance indicators for each competency. The ICAO Document 9995 (Manual of Evidence-Based Training) goes a long way towards defining what these are.

    Paladin AI has built up a data bank of performance indicators that goes beyond Doc 9995. We’ve built up this data bank by working closely with highly experienced flight instructors, and by carefully consulting Airman Certification Standards (ACS) and aircraft manuals.

    When our system automatically detects these performance indicators, it assesses the pilot’s performance against the indicator in a transparent way. Over the course of a regular training session, a pilot will produce dozens or even hundreds of individual indicators of competency.

    We then feed these indicators to our competency inference engine, a sophisticated Bayesian machine learning system that calculates a maximum-likelihood estimate of the competency profile for the pilot during this training exercise.

    Instructors are given the final word. While our system is objective in its assessments, only a human in the loop can sign off on the training session.

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    Does Paladin AI replace flight simulators?
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    How do you define “competency”?
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    What is InstructIQ™?
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    What about non-technical competencies?